Saturday, December 22, 2012

“Stripes and Wading”

Bogue and I went fishing again last night.
Down Conasaugie ways out past Fairview.
We didn’t need no license, anymore than two
Indians catching supper should be expected.

Bogue ran his trot line again.
I used to think that was both funny and lazy.
Now I realize that he enjoyed wading out
Across the yawning stream more than fishing.

Mom and Mrs. Hooper seemed content
To just hear the sounds of the water,
Almost as if a voiceless hymn was being sung.
Glad to be away from telephones and kitchens.

We had Zebra sandwiches,
(What Bogue called PB&J)
The wonders of the universe opened
Like the giant Bible in Eleazar on Sunday!

Maybe a little kid will wade there
Forever, trampling the muddy banks of time.
Listening to the sound of eternity and watching
Bogue smile and give praise to the Stripes.

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