Saturday, December 15, 2012

“The Monsters Are Us!”

The mice run crying across the field,
Among the marigold and lavender,
“The Cat, the Cat, run for your life!
He has left the corn rows and now
Scatters death in meadow square.”

Henry Opossum crossed the road.
One of the loud metal beasts lay
Overturned in the ditch, burning.
“I would feel bad, but I am just a
Soulless opossum,” grinned Henry.

Bambi ducks underneath The Thinker,
Hearing the unnatural mechanical pop
Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop.
“Here Bambi, hide in the plant room,”
Mrs.Thumper urged from the new warren.

-No Planet X or Mayan Hex, just an
Oily mechanical sound in 4/4 time-
Some future archaeologist will quip-
“They seriously believed a threat from
Without would be their end my friend!”

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