Tuesday, December 25, 2012

“Jaime Alaska”-A Tarantino-inspired ActionPoem

Under the cover of
Frostline clover-she goes.
Eskimo espionagess &
Weekend disco girl.

“The Case of the Grinning
Seal,” gained her boss appeal-
Now Jal has her own secret
Action figure and Idaho home.

“Nothing like a Christmas crime!”
(She is not pleased…no, not at all)
“Why are Japanese Tattoo Artists
Turning up dead in Coke machines?”

Joined by her carry-permit cat-PM,
Bruce Denso-the Ginza Gimp, &
Uncle Rooster from the Happy Gym-
Jal announces her catch-killer plan.

We’ll replace every JTA in the state
With M.I.A. fans armed with socks
Full of quarters, wearing Scarface
Aprons approved by Warner Bros.

“Gotta solve this case, or its gonna be
No Disco for Me!” SUDDEN radio call-
“Trouble at the Starbuck Tattoo Mall!”

Jai & Company pile in her Hummer,
“Is NOT a van on drugs! OK, Dad?”
Hit the scene frosty & deployed full-
Like a Mean Joe Green on Red Bull.

Batter down the door, then see the floored
Bruce Denso, pinned with a boom stick.
“Drop it now or the Ginza Gimp gets it!”-
Dead Bang! Pussy Meow had shot her gun.

(The gun recovered, but not our villain!)
“Who is it Jai?” asked Uncle Rooster…
Jai rolled the body over, frowned,
“That weirdo who hung out at Kroger’s.”

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