Monday, December 31, 2012

“Schoolhouse Hill”

Spread the memory blanket out
For a good old days picnic…
No, there was no internet,
Smartphones or silly string, but-
We walked to our own school.

Lunch served on china plates!
Maude and Ruby cooking supreme.
Absolutely the finest kind Hawkeye-
By standards 90210 to Ivy League.
Mmmmmm cornbread and taters.

First grade with Miss Francis,
Learning to cut the tails off little t’s,
Reading “Dick and Jane,” mandatory
Afterlunch nap-spent by me staring at
Sandy Turpin or watching bubbles.

Second grade with Miss Betty,
Spelling Nazi and not shy with a paddle.
Pretty good teacher, just high-strung &
Mistaked having Donnie walk home after
He broke his arm on the chalk holder.

Third grade with Mr. McIntire,
Friendly Village,” leaf & bug collecting,
Great walking field trips around the
Schoolhouse neighborhood with Red,
A real science teacher and interesting man.

Mr. Rodgers our principle, the speech teacher
Who visited now & then, and the rest all fade.
Larry & Cathy from the Mill Dam, the singing
Mason sisters, Gene & Essie Lands out from
Shoal Creek, Lloyd Hardy-where are you now?

Was the Hardy girl named Loretta? She was
Pretty with her front teeth out and that
Mischievous grin framed by her curly locks.
Where did the whirlpool of time swirl all of
My childhood friends at Mount Vernon school?

I miss ‘em.

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