Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Flemish Poet Visits Versailles

Beauty exists beyond mere age,
True love will conquer mortal rage,

Boorish tourist creates a photo op,
Canvassing complimentary trolley stop.

American beer sold, warm in cans,
From racks on top of welcome vans.

The better art works long ago,
Taken away from above and below.

Matted posters of Matrix trilogy,
Steve Martin, and Gallagher I see.

Casablanca plays nonstop, Marie ballroom,
While children are trapped gray cellar gloom.

Continental lunch, burgers and champagne,
Harps playing a forgettable refrain.

Grande piece de resistance revealed at last,
The historical fate of poor Leonard Bast-

The missing chapter of Howards End,
Where Leo found a true French friend.

His ghost still haunts Versailles today,
Calling for Helen "come back, stay."

I depart the palace of old King L,
Wondering if I just saw Hell.

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