Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Knickerbocker Gravity

Jan first saw Gertrude along the salty great wharf
One day as he was delivering bracing to the harbormaster.
He knew from that very moment that his life had been changed

Won Ver Meers' permission to court the gem daughter,
Urged Father John for apprenticeship in family business.
The carpenter needed to only bide his time until marriage could

Gertrude's eyes would pull him deep down in to a
Timeless place where all was serene and devoid of strife.
Jan could barely do his day labors for dreams of falling, falling

Evening wharf call, Jan saw British ship harbored,
Along the side Gertrude hung from the pier, her two sapphires
Still shining as they gazed directly through Jan from her soulless shrine.

New Netherland was murdered by the British, Old Dutch
New Amsterdam was gone. The crown gained the great colony of
New York. Years later gray carpenter visits the old great wharf, late eve

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