Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Longest Day of the Year

Took forever to get dark outside,
Been dark inside since the break.
Banned from the robot bar,
Feeling pathetic and angry.

Think about cool shrimp salads,
Back before the vegetable ban.
L58 had that hologram phone
Just days before the transfer.

Where are the Druids in this forest?
Working graveyards at Lifehaven?
It there not a tree worthy of worship
Growing in this nuclear park?

Shooting star arcs the twilight veil,
Murmurs of lost sopranos echo
Over the dull electric hum of overseer
Cameras hovering near bodies in motion.

Take a vial of pond water and add an
Instant Jager packet, wait a triple sec,
Down the import delicacy slowly,
Savor the equinox, curse the fear.

Dark fullness now, artificial life cocoon,
No you, no he, she, or it for company.
A cyberdane barks erratically close by.
Creech bugs rhythmically crawl formation.

Virtual fireworks begin to explode
Beyond the realms of consciousness.
Your constellation darts out, out brief,
Till moon shadow blankets geometry.

Death is time, unchecked by gravity.
Tattoo orbits fade into illusions,
While the blind man tilts his easel
Proclaiming there is no light.

Sleep is a dream only achieved by
Synthetic drinks bought behind facades.
When atomic clocks radiate midnight
I will blink once, maybe twice.

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