Sunday, June 8, 2008

Staturtory Judgement

Gaze down at us, at me.
It is so easy to see flaws
When you do nothing but
Watch, watch, watch.

Memory can't taint you
When you never remember.
No sleep, not even a blink,
Robs you that option.

Holding that eternal position
Has formed you into a thing
Undreamed of by the Sculptor.
Exude merely rigidity with guile.

We frolic at your feet,
I thumb my nose at your
Cold stares icy dagger piercing
Shallower minds than mine.

Gaze up at you, dull
Bird guano wreathes
Your head for a crown, yet
None bow for the baxter leige.

Fields you cannot cross,
Carved neath my plow
With a freedom uncollared by
Your bitter, haunted eyes.

Farewell old titan decider,
Purveyor of doubt to souls
Allowing your earwig entry,
Gleaned from odd fleeting glances.

Hesitation powers your pillared,
Invisible hold, and rube charms
The passive consciousness
Many damn 'ed travelers carry.

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