Saturday, August 9, 2008

Haunted High School Memories

Hate endures,
Halls channel,
Rooms contain,
Gyms exhort.

Doors refuse
Desired entries,
Exit needed.
Cafeteria fodder.

Locker thirteen,
Statue girl,
Redhead potter,
Dark passage.

Circle corners,
Spite checkpoints,
Prefs, race, weight,
Fear Differents.

Little theater,
Greek productions.
Wall opens for Junior,
Family education.

Cold girl screams,
Ball game score.
Bleacher support,
Unholy restraint.

Science teacher,
Parent molded,
Apes unwelcome,
Murder survivor.

Spirit rally,
Office outcries,
Phone home alone.
Bus back mountain.

Biology window,
Primal mating.
Mabel landscape
Valley golden.

Vocational bigots
Trained to use
Non brain tools.
Restrained, agreed.

Janitor closet,
Evidence hidden,
Red Riding Hood's
Cape and slippers.

Banquo cries
Murder to students
Deaf to reality,
Perfecting unlove.

Instructors, the bland,
Weak, money drones.
Doorknob ingenuity
While Ophelia drowned.

Ice water shiver
During reunion.
Whatever happened to
What's her name?

Moved? Married?
Pregnant? Army?
Dead. Smothered.
Despised. Colorblind.

Red skies intersanctum,
Choral note of warning,
Pale dead girl walks
Class to class on time.

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