Sunday, August 17, 2008

Seven Daisies

Daisey Walker raised six children on her own after
Husband Felix was killed by an artillery shell during
The Civil War.

Daisey Rashomon ranched in Prescott Arizona after
Her father's demise at the Battle of Manila Bay during
The Spanish-American War.

Daisey Buchanan continued to quilt even after
Losing her sight due to a bomb explosion during
World War I.

Daisey Fuentes painted barns for a living after
the loss of her mother on a hospital ship during
World War II.

Daisey Pierce was committed to an asylum after
the death of her son on a carrier deck during
The Korean War.

Daisey Ingram marched on Washington after
Losing her brother in a Cambodian jungle during
The Vietnam War.

Daisey Duke was given a life sentence for murder after
Her son was killed by friendly fire during
Operation Desert Storm.

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