Thursday, August 21, 2008

Refelctive Sticker On A Backpack

No on knew where Henry ended up.
One day he was cutting his grass,
The next his car was gone with him in it.

Everything was left pretty much intact,
According to his ex-wife and bartender.
The only thing missing were his books.

Twenty years passed before any word
Came concerning his possible whereabouts.
Grand Canyon authorities issued this report:

An black backpack was found today in a cave
In the north side of the gorge. There was a
Fluorescent orange sticker across the top.

It is believed to belong to the long
Disappeared Henry 2B555_KL223.
The contents are listed as follows:

One copy of the George Orwell book 1984
With the words "no longer relevant"
Block printed on the cover in red ink.

Three new biographies of Elvis Presley,
A "Cooking and Spying with Julia Child" apron,
And lastly a Frank Booth fan club ID card.

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