Monday, August 25, 2008

The Magic Tambourine

They found you at Altamont,
Left you at Max's Kansas City.

TV band had you, MTV band did too.
Soap opera star made it thanks to you.

You missed the two great ocean crossings.
German bands played loud, for naught.

You never found the hand of Axel,
Nor the sacred palms du Cobaine.

No boy bands could use your full tam.
Madonna could seduce you, but not play.

Clyde Jackson Browne and the Asbury Boss
Mastered your rhythms better than the rest.

Thirteen Popes knew not this sorcery truth,
Pure music that rockers sculpted so deftly.

Bow the bassman, bow the drummer,
Bow the cowbell and triangle ringer.

Fairies sing the night fantastic, summoning fate,
While tambourines play under the mushrooms.

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