Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ode to the Heroes of The Battle of the Pelennor Fields

The Ides of March for the third age of man
Went unmarked by any Caesar or Brutus.
The Battle of Evermore was the greatest stand
Mankind had taken to affirm his right to rule.

Aided by an Elf, a Dwarf, a Wizard, and
Two Hobbits unafraid, the seige of Minas Tirith
Destined to be overcome by the forces of
Good, and the return of Isuldir's just heir.

The Witch King of Angmar found his destiny,
Not at the hand of any man, as was foretold by
Glorfindel years earlier, yet his Black Breath was
Smothered by the swords of two fierce hearts.

Éowyn, battle disguised as Dernhelm, a man,
Drove her sword between the Dark Lord's
Crown and mantle, felling him after the
Stabbing thrust of Hobbit Meriadoc Brandybuck.

The Rohirrim and Aragorn's Rangers of the North,
Along with the Dead Men of Dunharrow,
Secured victory after this turning point of the
Nazgûl's death delivered by a pair least likely.

Sing the song of victory to the souls surrendered
On the day the sun was blackened out by Sauron's
Dark forces upon the Pelennor Fields. Hear echoes
Still resounding off the walls of The Prancing Pony.

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