Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Zero Gravity Golf Course

Thirteen teams
Get going.

Winning a golf game
in the outer rim,

Is almost meaningful,
And certainly spiritual.

Milky Way bars sponser,
NASA provides transports.

Tiger Woods IX banned,
(Subspace substance abuse.)

Sometimes the gallery
Is hit by a wild drive, or comet.

No one minds, the food is free.
KFC stays fresh forever in outer space.

Sometimes there are intergalactic Amber Alerts
When stray red haired girls play around event horizons.

Everyone finishes under par, even the cleaning staff of the Motel 6 module.
No one looks too closely at the leader board, the real attraction is at the hole-in-one bar.

Lost balls are never found alone in an Ingle's parking lot.
Lost balls are never found.

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