Monday, August 4, 2008

Witch Grass

Deep in the forest
There was a clearing.
Beside a granite slab
Grew a magic grass.

Woodland creatures
Ate this grass and
Lived longer and better
Lives because of it.

One day a wanderer
Was so hungry that she
Chewed some of the grass
After sliding off the rock.

She glowed inside then,
Revived, vitalized, able to cast
Spells, she built a shack on
The border of the glade.

Sick people began to come,
Word spread of doctor arts.
She gave to all that asked,
Happy to share Earth spirit.

Fear caused rum scented
Men to burn her alive at
Midnight Christmas day.
Birds and squirrels wept.

The slab sunk downward,
Like a frown, the grass soon
Browned and withered away,
Nothing now but memory.

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