Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hawkeye’s Nervous Breakdown

M*A*S*H was forced to be upbeat.
Sure there was a war going on and
Shortages of blood and med supplies
Constantly had to be addressed, but

There was never liquor rationing,
Willing bimbo nurses not sex eager,
Golf supply difficulties or inabilities
To smile triumph at death’s gloating.

The story got even with them all.
The last episode, highest TV ratings,
The everyman hero B.F. got pierced in
Big membrane and met war’s insanity.

It was lie glossed over, B.J. farewell,
Things ‘back on track’ happyhappyhappy.
Trapper John lived good life later,
Met Gonzo instead of sadly going.

“Seven Dead in Korean Vet Rampage”
Dr. Frank Burns, unidentified nurse,
Walter, Mother, Uncle Ed O’Reilly,
Dr. Sidney Freedman, Sister Mulcahy.

Hawkeye is flying earth circles now,
Clad in spotless white daywear, shoes.
Hidden away from all press, public,
Along with other war heroes gone bad.

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