Thursday, July 24, 2008

Be Careful When You Lay Down Spike Strips

Odysseus knew the secret, so did Buford Pusser.
Clyde Barrow never quite grasped the concept.
Captain Smith, of RMS Titanic, refused to have a clue.

The meta urgency which emotional situations construe
Give shallow brutes the false hope of forced truth. So
Tragically unsurprising when they are petard hoisted.

purgatory deposition #1958
"She was out of control, we had no choice but to lay down
Strips,"(bag her, beat her, drop her off at the funeral home
Where the crimes against nature originated before Rome.)

inner dialogue
"Here comes Fallon, I'd like to see her face when the tires blow.
Whoa, why did she cut this way, run Mushie, God.
Snared by our own trap, I'll take your payoff now Mushie."

the fall of man redux
Officer down, Mercedes recovered, Michelin's shredded.
"The good guys win again," boasts,
Sgt. Mush lives on in cinematic glory shortly before the V incision.

Moses knew the score, because Charlton Heston played him once.
The third tablet that broke back mountain had the universal warning-
"Soylent Green is people," wrongly recounted by the sage, overwhelmed,

As "Soylent Green is pork," hence full damnation of all knowledge, the
Junkie's inability to resist spike strip tripping to force the "right" outcome,
Even though each use poisons all of society, eating our young slowly, like acid.

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