Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ode to a Crack Pipe

It's fourteen o'clock,
Your stem still wet
From my kiss after break.

Am I your best owner?
I want to think so.
Can it still be special for you?

Worn oasis silhouette carved on
Your firm, ample bowl suggests
Knowledge faded over time.

I will preserve you,
As you preserve me,
Together we will co-exist, succeed.

Tony Montana was a democrat.
I won't machine gun my quorum.
He was weak, you/I are strong.

You smell lovely, still on my fingers.
Never interrupt my true desires,
You are all that I have become.

Someone got run over, they were careless.
I never ride a motorcycle, or eat shellfish.
I want to stay with you for a long time.

My last friend wanted to steal you from me.
That's why he eventually fell aside, no IDea.
I rent my friends now, Frankenstein made his.

Someday my ashes will be in you,
For the false loves of my life to inhale.
(I'm getting smaller, so I can fit there.)

I dreamed that you dreamed of me.
When the lighter hits you a certain way,
You smile shyly at me, the flame dancing.

Love is our special bond, our vial of truth.
I wonder why you didn't find your match
Sooner, but know you hate the weakness.

That girl you died with, what was her name again?
Alone in a parking lot, her lips blue like your lip.
Who left you there on the pavement, beside her car?

Why do I care? The police didn't, her "friends" didn't.
It must be you, you loved her, didn't you?
Is that her I taste when I taste you?

Is it my fault they didn't get that fingerprint
From the coworker that sold her the bad dope?
I wanted to be a hero, but had to get high first, was all.

I should leave you on her grave, but you need me.
I know that it would be a betrayal to our relationship,
So...I'll keep you, let the hollow girl stay earthbound.

That curious tattoo stamped on your shank,
Still causes me to wonder about my ex-dealer,
Considering that both of you were made in Columbia.

Finally, its my time to smoke you again.
My cares for the world and justice that matters
Disappear and fade, like trees in November.

Live in me, live with me, live for me.
Never leave me, even if I drop you and
Die in my car, alone in a parking lot.

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