Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Futility of Late Forgiveness

DNA tests clear the Ramseys,
Patsy dead several years already,
Father only living with the unsolved
Murder of his young daughter.

The dead don't seek or need
Forgiveness from the living.
They are beyond the realm of
Life's limiting emotions, feelings.

Absolution only helps the breathing.
Timing, the last unconquered manner.
Revile our fellow ho saps like sewage
To justify black hearts that beat savagely.

But when they pass, to whatever place
Death rattles rock cradles, oh poo poo-
The greatness they held in our visage
Becomes tattooed upon all Cain foreheads.

They dead don't accept forgiveness,
Nor do they offer it, they are dead, gone.
The living deserve the submission of the
Grief screamers rather than casket bodies.

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