Friday, July 18, 2008

Sawdust Circles

Strong people are often cut down
Similarly to the felling of a mighty oak.

The person remembered briefly
By the outline of their family, works.

The tree fleetingly marked by
A remaining sawdust circle.

Temporal imprints, shade givers,
Reconstructed, unrecognizable.

Some birds know the truth,
But they won't tell anyone else.

Dreams of virtual sheep,
People we know we have met before.

Places we know we have been before,
Familiar tree lines, rustlings.

Rotted stumps and jawless skulls
Continue the unending dialogue(time).

Yorick, reunited with Hamlet, joined by each
Casualty from this Battle of Evermore.

Here among us, beside us, whispering,
"There is no spoon, there is no spoon."

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