Sunday, July 27, 2008

Three Flags

Kildare Island.
Fresh water, plenty of fruits and coconuts.
Weather beyond the dreams of meteorologists.
Discovered by Britain, France, and Portugal.
Shunned by all and marked 'off-limits' on international maps.

Centuries past new footprints in the white sands.
Birds know the secret but they aren't telling.
The cathedral ruins on Hill Montesquieu, gold reflections.
A retching bell toll when the south winds blow hard.
Man-o-wars lay lifeless off the coral reef.

Horse skeletons still crumpled beside the aqua verde lagoon.
Cave opening barricade of steel and stone still holds fast.
The seal of a queen and two kings clearly embossed upon the arch.
A warning in English, French, and Portuguese metal stamped-
"Imprisoned herein are the Children of Judas, be ye gone at once."

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