Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Flemish Poet in Denmark

Circles of fire
Lower us, harsh shore.
“Why are we here?”
The muse nods east.

Rocky cliffs morph castle
Outline, a glow
In the tallest pinnacle,
Resembles fiery gold.

Gwen’s hair drapes against
The window light,
She remembers passion songs
Sung by lovers on sonnet beach.

Wailing wafts in sea breeze,
Songs of tempered temperament,
An essence presence comes,
Mists surrender, revealing Gwen.

Moon gate glows, she sits there, to
Hear her Flemish Poet recite anon.
She nods to her lover,
He sings for her.

Goddess of love,
Behold your servant.

Life waters flow true as

They near you, the source

Of all that is good, pure, and

Blessed by those residing forever

West, breathe peace with you, my love.

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