Monday, July 21, 2008

Road Crosses

The side of the road
Serves as a backdrop
For things drivers want,
Oftentimes don't want.

There's litter, trash, waste.
Signs, signs, everywhere signs.
The lifeless, beloved pet.
Risk taking opossum, rabbit.

Walkers and occasional riders
Mounted upon manure belchers.
Broken down Ford, Chevy, Dodge,
Never a Mercedes, rarely a Honda.

Lost caps, we laugh inside at those,
Lost shoes, we laugh a bit less hearty,
Lost shirts, we wonder what lay beneath,
Lost shorts, perhaps a bad thing happened.

There is death by water,
Seldom marked by a buoy.
There is death by fire, and fiery things,
Never monumented, often graded over.

Nevertheless, the snatching away of souls,
Via the highways, the by ways,
Inspires the bereaved, or the pretenders,
To mark that death spot as a tragic waypoint,

The final destination of someone they
Loved, or should have loved better.
A shrine, now sharing time with road crews
Lunching and flower thieves smiling.

The time will be here soon that cemetery
Plots will have an information kiosk
Built into the headstone with an LCD that
Will give mourners a full biographical-

Favorite charity, pet's name, surviving
Family, all the isms the corpse enjoyed.
A USB port to download this Virtual Life,
Including GPS of death/spot/road/cross.

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