Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pax Cheers

I liked the show because you liked it,
Never was interested in it until syndication
Brought it into the house every evening at
7:30, as regular as the moon phases.

Then Sam and Company became part of the
Ceremony of closing down the day, day by day.
Weekends marked by the absence of Diane, Woody.
Gap filled by special treats, conversations.

Baby Weekends were the mainstay, before
Your bed was your world, and afterwards.
Hush puppies barked signs of your stroke,
At the end of one of those joyful times we had.

Television became even more of a family member,
Never too tired, worried, afraid to talk, offer solace.
I should have done more, and now when I hear
"Where everybody knows your name," I shift.

Drift away, to the times when we could talk,
Be together and have the comfort of each other.
Now I know how much Coach was truly missed,
How hearing a TV show theme can bring tears.

There comes that day for each of us in our due time,
When something as passe as a television set is
Suddenly empowered and bloodlined akin to a
New, fervent cousin, resolved to keep us company.

When no else will offer aid or encouragement,
The cathode ray, or perhaps LCD veil perseveres.
When death has me but postpones taking his bounty,
Deferring to play a while, as a cat with her mouse,

My hope of redemption lies in a steadfast belief,
A personal conviction, that I will have a good show
To ferry me slowly across the river Styx, not the
Hell of a reality show in a nursing home.

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