Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Legend of Xan Francisco

Yellow man want to go home now,
No food here taste much so good.
This sun glows a different color,
Work so much more than he should.

Stay in same old block of city,
Forget when he last saw tree.
Wash wash clothes, and eat bad rice, he
Recall just what means—to be.

Americans, they all come round,
Want much money for unneed thing.
Xan, he have no way to pay, so,
His wife Ming saw took last spring.

Two child still grow back in China,
Keep wait for come over here.
Papers sign again, then pay again,
Want so more to see those dear.

Three month, six month, nine month,
Hear none more from Goverman.
Find the office, it now closed up
Child shout, “You, go back Japan!”

Yellow man, he now work more still,
Steam press hiss, it make him red.
Late at night Xan climb to roof, and
Sleep by cat on pitch tar bed.

New suit man he come to laundry,
Say “Must pay to work here now.”
Xan leave job, go to big Bay bridge,
Jumps back home with final bow.

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