Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Slipstream Guard

Hallucinations are taboo—but as dreams they can be interpreted and used– Eric Jenkins, 1976

Make way for the Lord!
God is coming thru!
Shouts the Black Man
While landscape fragments
Plop into a chasm.

I drove a truck drunk.

The festive buffet
Table centerpiece hovers—
My Mom’s present,
A tree with lit candles
Wrapped, levitating.

Girls throwing ball
Beside a pig pond(bog?)
Pigs feet periscopes
Aimlessly upside down,
Jealous puffer fish watch.

I drove a drunk truck.

Mini-Coopers traverse
The jigsaw lane gauntlet—
One car dangles/falls.
Run, help a tipping elder,
But she catches herself.

SWAT-like road crew
Adding chemicals to
Vertical pipes underground.
Steam contrails spew
Covering pig pond ripples.

I passed a Wal-Mart revival poster.

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