Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flower Ash

A peony for your thoughts.

Iris of the soul.

On the third day, he rose.

Hospital impatients.

Black-eyed Susan.

Her tulips.

Daisey Duke.

My sweet buttercup.

Esta's bluebonnet.

What a daylily.

Don't fear the snapdragon.

The USA was once a carnation.

The gentle breeze from baby's breath.

Popeye loved his Sweetpea.

Begonia, I donna wanna see youse again.

You were my morning glory.

Why did hollyhock her foxglove?

Was Heinrich from Austria? No, he's a geranium.

When a mermaid marries, they ring coral bells.

At insect communes they smoke butterfly weed.

I canna see why bee stings need bee balm.

Smokers feel red salvia for their great mistress, nicotina.

Lantana is not the capital of Montana, Helena.

Sorry, but Starkist prefers the more tender, petunias, Charlie.

Hosta la vista, goldenrod.

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