Sunday, July 6, 2008

Six Dogs on Wide Patrol Summer 2008

There they go,
Roaming the dark
Forests and fields
Before the crack of dawn.

A six pack of dogs,
Living their ancestry,
Under the cover of night,
Paws padding dewed grass.

Beren the Deaf leads,
Followed by Blackberry,
Then comes Bandit Keen Eye,
Rear guard Baby Blue, Blackie, Shy.

They roam youth perimeters forgotten,
Smelling, hearing, seeing that world.
Beyond the rooster farm, the quarry,
The cave, and the tree house ruins.

Screech owls watch them intently as
Wood sprites reveal fresh gossip,
"Another two leg was in trouble, but
Found his toddler way out of a cornfield."

"He who walks behind the rows
Took his disappointment out on
His snake slaves," the fairies merrily
Sing as they dance in a firefly circle.

Treats from beneath the toadstools
Are shared with the dog friends
As Blackberry tells a story about
A cat, a possum, and a scarecrow.

Lee dogs sense first light breaking,
Cue to begin the second half of the outing.
Beren nods and the rest fall in line,
Trotting leisurely back to the fat man's house.


Derek Lee said...

That is a great poem. It made me think of alot of the sites around our property. That was pretty cool that I knew all the spots you mentioned, and can see the dogs going off on their adventure in my head.

Dahl said...

yeah I agree with D hope things are well for all of you