Sunday, August 12, 2012

“Déjà Dead”

Huge turtle stone bomb
Plummets into a top floor.
Run to elevator and get in,
Then wait for stragglers
Until smushed going down.

Please smoke out back
Next to the explosives
Away from sensitive lungs.
Softly mumble a polite curse.
Got a light, Sherlock?

Drive faster at Wendy’s
Drive-thru, take extra ketchup!
Yee-ha I’m a superstar!
Ram the Volkswagen in
Retribution for Sgt. Rock.

Searching for driveway gravel
Diamonds here comes Brown
Teamed with FedEx tryin’ to
Run me down, down to the ground,
Precious stones make me drown.

Tee ball kids attack the crowd,
Strike blows for freedom from
Winning and FB photo postings.
Mom I don’t want my PICTURE
Taken---whack, whack, whack!

The produce vegetables wage war
On the fat girl and skinny boys
Lurking in the deli dept corner.
Cucumbers rally with zucchinis-
Terrorizing the beef eaters.

Free range chickens revenge their
Cousins, disguised as LGBT cows.
The free eaters are plucked, then
Marginalized into nerfgun fodder
For the “New Institution Reason Hour.”

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