Thursday, August 23, 2012

“Sleep Well Little Rodney, Sleep”

-Washington Post - He was finally stopped by four Los Angeles police officers who were videotaped striking him more than 50 times with batons, kicking him and shooting him with stun guns. He suffered 11 skull fractures, a broken eye socket and facial nerve damage.-

Eleven skull fractures?
FuzzFuzz wish they had done twelve.
For all the evil Nazis were,
They at least had the decency to murder Anne.

We cry for you Rodney,
We cry and say the real goodbye.
You don’t have to carry figurehead weight
Like a media slave anymore, dear brother.

Sure, all of the assassinated martyrs
Had PCP and other evil drugs in their system.
One thing about being dead dear Rodney,
You can’t be sure the truth is on a VCR tape anymore.
Your Mama loved you as much as any of our Mamas
Loved us, Rodney - muted and finally castrated,
We have to remember that your vexed evilness
Was as obtuse as Patty Hearst’s Thompson gun love.

You were beaten inhumanely Rodney,
Then you had to legitimize your survival,
No one will remember how you
Drew your Mama outlines of your hand in crayon now.

Sleep little Rodney. Sleep.
What a proud lot we are.

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