Friday, August 3, 2012

"The Great Denso Anthrax Hoax"

White Rabbit! White Powder!
Run Forrest run!
Have foreigner
Agitators come to Denso?
What about Mayfield?

Mobilize the SWAT,
aka Amos and Aaron Philbin,
Two shotguns & a pair of WWII
Surplus gas-masks, oh and
A six pack of Billy Beer(for interrogating)

So the authorities find
Baby powder, hmm used
To cut viscor I reckon, but
No sign of Anthrax, Slayer,
MegaDeth or Billy Ray Cyrus.

They blame it on a temp,
The same ones that are
The last to see some parts
Out of the building….hmm
There’s some part-time irony.

Meanwhile in London
Some poor chap in a Jag
Almost makes it to his Mum’s
Autumn festival, until his
Auto quits---burping powder.

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