Sunday, August 12, 2012

“I Can See Russia”

Relationships, bone-break my heart,
Soon as one ends, can’t wait to start
Another doomed romance foray,
No time to read papers today!

Octo, octo, octo, octo.
Eight in eight and four by four woe.
(I went to an obscure college
A for-profit place, poor knowledge)

 -----i keep waiting for you to change be different but your still that same sweet guy from day one thank you for loving me and being amazing to me everyday i do not know what i would have done if i had not had you keeping me together these last few months i could not have ask for a better companion and best friend in my life i love you so much-----

Whenever that gets said-vamoose!
They run like I’m a hangman’s noose.
I try my best to keep it real,
Come back from fishing, empty creel.

Oh-blah-dee, oh-blah-la-de-dah.
Love you see, is not for prancing,
Disappointment-like line-dancing.

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