Friday, August 24, 2012

“There is NO Spoon”

Dream diner,
The waitress orbits
Pilates planets then Zumba moons.
The menu is in Braille and
There is NO spoon…

Television tabletop,
Salt and pepper control knobs.
I watch David Letterman
Prompt the audience to laugh saying,
“There is NO spoon.”

 Robot fry cook,
Sings some country tune.
“My love is like a tire iron
Made in the month of June, but Lord
There is NO spoon.”

Waitress waits
Looking at me with her good eye
I ask “What’s the special?”
She replies, “Catfish soup and tofu, but
There is NO spoon.”

Blonde Boy
Plays his r/c toy, plummets
Mustang through a herd of heifers.
He looks up smiling, saying “Eat soon-
There is NO spoon!”

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