Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"The Marriage of Lucerne"

The snow lay thick upon the Alps,
The small stream of people
Dotted the pews
Much like window flies,
Unsure of their destination.

Alas, bereft of the
Vogue of lawyer approved vows,
Couple Hearst and Wang
Patiently awaited Parson Chide
While notes of love floated aloft.

Noses upturned like ski slopes,
Churning petulant cores.
“I can’t wrap my head around this,”
Exclaimed sergeant-at-arms honor maid.
“Internationalism is not neutral.”

With formed forms handily handled,
Parson Chide rose from the floor,
Much like Angus Young did during
AC/DC’s Heatseeker Tour, his
Book of Holy Matrimony clutched open.

Dearly Beloved, we come here to
Witness the union of these two into one.
Say you yes Hearst and Wang?
They nodded and watched the wine steward
Crawl out of the wall and toast them.

The Wedding March bellowed,
Gliding the new husband and wife
Out of the Church into the street
Lined with cars of unknown origin,
Awaiting On-Star’s newly confirmed route.

Love is resistance, love is faith.
Three million Disney balloons
With the image of a questionable clown,
Fail to release the prisoners of love,
Only time can manage that feat.

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