Saturday, August 18, 2012

"The Battle of Mount Vernon"

Possum troops braced for the squirrel artillery
While owl envoys slept through peace talks.
“Hold this ridge if you love your children!”
Brayed Mayor Mule to his heifers.

3 Days Earlier-
Mount Vernon Town Council Meeting-
Mayor Mule-“Armadillos are animals too!”
Scabby Squirrel-“They’ll move in here over my dead nuts!”
Etowah Fat Mammas provided rations,
Mayfield was too broke for milk so Coors stepped in.
Deep Cut was the heart of the battle as
Crows blanketed the sun while observing the fray.

3 Days Later-
FEMA Mobile HQ (1976 Ford Pinto)-
Mr. White-“Order has been restored Mr. Mayor.”
Major Mule-“I’ll miss Scabby Squirrel, NOT!”

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