Sunday, August 12, 2012

“The Fly with the Erudite Face”

Gabba, gabba, hey I like yo sugar!
Pour some honey on me Domino.
Don’t leave me to read in the dark again
Or I might find someone else to whirl-a-gig
After the plains steam and the eggs roll.

Ombudsman, carry my esoteric complaint
To good King Norge, why can’t Olso be
Christiania again so as to match my trivet?
What suave kitchen can be considered mod
When such DNA mismatches abound?

Are we not Anglo-Saxon flotsam royal
Sprinkled with jetsam common?
To be paired correctly we must follow
The rule of steel and sweetener, so
Fly me to the Wal-Mart candymoon.

Let me take my leave of this nest of
Hypocritical backstabbers that honor
The Sabbath only by singing hymns and
Disallowing the sale of knives during service.
Toll the house bell well and with vigor.

Burn Clowns named Bozo in effigy!
Demand the right to return games and dvds!
Shout Odelay! from rooftops and ladders,
Until your insect kin comes and glides us
Back home with them to ice creamy shores.

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