Friday, August 3, 2012


Spooky Tooth dropped a glass that
Remarkably broke apart in seven equal parts.
The pieces each then made their way back up to the tabletop
And spoke sharply and in turn.

The first said “I pierce the joy of childhood by showing Death in playland.”

The next smiled keenly and said “I am the parent’s promise that gets broken.”

Number three said “I make fun of you at school.”

Then four fanged a grin and said “I love you and leave you.”

Five dove forward and said “I am the hate that fills your friend’s hearts.”

Six glittered and said “I live in the dark with you when you are alone.”

Lastly, seven beamed and said, “I am desolation, and I will try to break your faith with every living breath that you take.”

Spooky Tooth cleared the remnants of glass off of the table into a trash can and wept.

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