Monday, August 20, 2012

"Odelay! Jerky Beef!"

Stale bread is still bread.
It will prevent starvation.
People order off the menu,
But refuse a chef ovation.

 Rocka, rocka, rocka, rocka.

Interpret intentions of
Founding alphabet auteurs!
Yes means no, six is nine,
Cry ‘fowl’ you clueless bores.

Rocka, rocka, rocka, rocka.

I met a man from Pakistan,
He collected sandals and shoes.
“Friends” was must-see TV,
Jamming to Sex Pistols’ blues.

Asked why he loved America,
“Because I get tech support
Free government phone home
When I need a headline sort.”

Rocka, rocka, rocka, rocka.

Don’t look at newspapers!
Don’t read dead tree media!
Listenjoin CrusadeNation!
Burn the Wikipedia!

Rocka, rocka, rocka, rocka.

Whether Oak Ridge blows,
Zombie Apocalypse blood flows,
Congress refuses to wear clothes,
OR bitter old men organize foes…

We tend to get not only what we deserve,
We beg for it, vote for it, adore its fee.
Consume it-then complain there is never
Anything good to eat in the pantry.

Rocka, rocka, rocka, rocka!

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