Thursday, August 30, 2012

“Nirvana Incense”

Got troubles?
Buy some heaven in a jar.
A little dab will do it!
Good for backache, stray spouses,
Mad dogs and Englishmen.

If The Commons is all
Deconstructed, Lenny
In periodical research can fix
You up with blotter Mickey,
The Mouse that roars all night!

Low budget? No problemo!
Better than Denso/Drano crap or
Bath salts. Just light it and
Watch the little animals crawl
Peacefully inside your head.

Breathe! Breathe! Smell
The Firestarter! Be the shy
Salamander that loves the flames,
Singing "New York, New York"
In the Tennessee rains.

In the dark it’s less strange now,
Kurt sang and lived the dank
Soul well that has no bottom, whose
Lofty depths reincarnate as fries or
Tellico Beach Cole Slaw Baby!

Beware the vegan cannibals!
The professor that smells fear
While emitting a stage 4 EMP!
The answer to the question is the
Sum of dread minus forgotten tests.

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