Friday, August 24, 2012

“The Men Eat First”

How is this not the antebellum?
Well Lincoln finally had to free the slaves
That left only the women and children to
Browbeat and lord over like the Caste King-
William Applebee Jackson Wilfred Sr.

 “You’ll eat when I say you’ll eat!”
(Cave paintings were more sophisticated!)
“You’ll go to Church where I tell you to go to Church!”
“You’ll vote for who I tell you to vote for.”
(This makes tuna seem multi-dimensional!)

Submission isn’t what it used to be,
All those pesky shades of grey and then
There’s reality as well to be reckoned with at
Least once a month, allowing for direct deposit.
Corn dodgers secretly plan a revolt!

Everything is war with men, everything is
Nothing to protest too loudly with women.
Wait, that was Adam-12 in the 70’s!
Give the men an X-Box and require they
Expect no deep kissing with Skoal in their mouth!

Yeah, if you admire someone not afraid or too
Timid to whip for discipline, well then, when
It’s your time to grab those ankles don’t blame
Mama, Papa, Sister, Brother, Preacher, Teacher.
You abide only what you feel you deserve.

Men get those caps on so you can eat and belch
Public restaurants back a few centuries.
When you don’t outgrow your raising
You just validate the bad ways that went before-
This is not good progress George!

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